I can teach: GCSE Maths, A-Level Maths, Further Maths.


 MSc (Masters) Mathematics

 BA (Hons) Pure Mathematics 

University :-

University of Manchester

University of Edinburgh


Personal Profile:  I have a unique way with Mathematics both at the GCSE and A-levels that has allowed me to help hundreds of students over the years not just to meet their grade target but to exceed them as well . My passion for Maths has always positively influenced my student not just to be keen in passing with A and A* but to pursue interests in Mathematically based courses in the university. I am also confident in using a variety of mathematical tools and techniques for teaching for different level of learners. 

 I do have in-depth  familiarity with the National Curriculum and college class experience having taught at various high schools and colleges like: Into Manchester College, The City of Liverpool College, Hyde Clarendon College, St James High School and so on. I always like to inspire the students to believe in themselves and to build up their self-confidence. I also make use of visual methods in teaching mathematics if necessary so that students can have a bigger picture of mathematical concepts and a sense of seeing the connections between the concepts.

I have been able to help with not just subject content in Maths but the needed exam technique to scale high grades on the examination.