I can teach:

Primary/A-level Maths, A-level Economics, Primary English


MIT (1982) - Bachelors Degree


School Experience:

I have been teaching, tutoring for over 25 years mainly on a one to one and small group format. Experienced with all forms of e tutoring. My main subjects have been Mathematics and Economics/Business Studies (all boards), primarily on a one to one basis.

Teaching Style:

At all times positive and inclined to bring out the best in the pupil whatever his or her abilities. I am especially geared towards exam practice, and in imparting exam techniques and to try to achieve the highest grades within the given constraints. After an initial assessment, I stricture the lessons towards the pupils weak areas, encouraging question and answer sessions and frequently giving notes as required. I work through examples and make the pupil complete small tasks to check his understanding. At all times my endeavours are to instill confidence in the tutee.

About Me:

I am a double Honours graduate from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA where I was on a full scholarship. Prior to that I completed my A Levels in Higher Maths, Physics and Economics. I am currently an Examiner in A Level Maths and Economics for the Edexcel and Welsh Examining Boards. I have previously marked for the IBO also (Higher Maths). I have extenisve tutoring experience on a one to one or small group format in the subjects I have listed. My pupils have at all times met their expected grades.