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AS Revision Courses

Tailor-made AS Revision Courses

AS exams are a big step up, both in terms of their difficulty compared to GCSE exams, and also in their importance. After all, your predicted A2 grades will be based on your AS results.

Our AS level revision courses help you secure the good AS scores you need to pursue your higher education plans.

How AS Revision Courses can help you

There are lots of reasons you might not fulfil your potential in your A2 exams. For instance:

Answering questions on one topic using information from another.

Lack of motivation, often caused by not knowing where to start

Not expressing answers correctly in exams

Getting the level of detail wrong when answering exam questions

Procrastinating instead of revising (we’ve all been there!)

What our AS level Revision Courses cover

We do not run crammer courses. We focus on providing excellent, individual support in the areas you need it. For instance:

Exam Techniques

Understanding exam objectives to get the highest possible marks.

Organising your learning

Coping with difficult, boring, pointless or overwhelming material.

Setting time limits for revison

Using knowledge instead of just remembering it.

If you need help to tackle AS re-sits, we’ll approach things slightly differently, to help you:

Unravel your performance and learn from your mistakes.

Review the most important topics

Understand how exam questions are weighted

Improve essay techniques

Check your answers and use the time wisely

But most importantly, our AS revision courses will give you the opportunity to ask questions and see how to work through problems. They’ll give you confidence by providing the chance to revise for AS retakes without interfering with the other demands of your A2 courses.

AS Revision Course Options

Types of Revision Courses:

Group Tutoring: ‘get ahead courses’ to consolidate knowledge, fill in the gaps and get a real understanding of the subject.

Revision Courses: As well as your tricky topic areas, we focus on exam technique to help you do as well as you possibly can.

Pre-Exam Courses: A final boost just before your exam and an opportunity to ask all those niggly last minute questions!

When to take an AS Revision Course

We run AS Revision Courses at these times of the year:

November half term

Christmas Holidays

Febuary half term

Easter Holidays

Revision Courses Available

Optimal Tutors covers all the main subjects, including those listed below. For a fuller listing and for further information about particular subjects, please click here.

Note: If you are looking for a subject which isn't listed, please call us on 0161 790 6235 as we may be able to open up a class.