A2 Business Studies  

A2 Business Studies

Who is it For?

This A2 business studies revision course is suitable if you have studied, or are studying any of these units:

- Edexcel unit 3: International business

- Edexcel unit 4a: Making business decisions

- Edexcel unit 4b: The wider economic environment and business

- AQA unit 3: Strategies for success

- AQA unit 4: The business environment and managing change

- OCR F293 - Marketing

- OCR F294 - Accounting

- OCR F295 - People in Organisations

- OCR F296 - Business Production

- OCR F297 - Strategic Management

If you have not studied these topics, or are not sure if this course is for you, call us on 0161 790 2635 to discuss your options. We probably offer a suitable course.

What does the course cover ?

We'll help you to:

- Analyse information, identify issues and explain the reasons behind them

- Build an overall picture of how businesses develop

- Examine and explain strengths and weaknesses in economies

- Understand key economic concepts through case studies

- Learn about business strategy as well as tactics

- Explain things that can lead to business change

- Understand different business elements, like marketing, finance and HR

What exam knowledge does it teach ?

This A2 business studies revision course begins with a discussion between the tutor and students to determine what needs covering. We’ll also give you specific advice in key areas to help with your A2 business studies exam:

- Teaching of critical elements of business studies

- Working through sample exam questions, with guidance and feedback

- Focusing on the details that really matter – for instance, pricing strategies as part of marketing, rather than marketing overall

- Learning specific examination techniques and structures

We also perform active learning, which may involve acting out events and encouraging visualisation of key concepts.

How to get more information and book :

Because we tailor each course to fit the needs of the students on that course, there is no standard lesson plan. The information on this page is a guide only.

If you're ready to book an A2 Business Studies revision course, call us now on 0161 790 2635. We'll be happy to discuss the options and find a course that fits your requirements.