A2 Chemistry  

A2 Chemistry

Who is it For?

This Chemistry A2 level revision course is suitable if you have studied, or are studying:

AQA- Unit 4 (CHEM4): Kinetics, equilibria and organic chemistry

AQA- Unit 4 (CHEM5): Energetics, redox and inorganic chemistry

Edexcel - Unit 4: General principles of chemistry – rates.

Edexcel - Unit 5: General principles of chemistry II – transition

OCR - Unit F234: Rings, polymers and analysis

OCR - Unit F325: Equilibria, energetic and elements

If you have not studied these topics, or are not sure if this course is for you, call us on 0161 790 2635 to discuss your options. We probably offer a suitable course.

What does the course cover ?

We'll help you to:

- Make connections between different areas of science

- Use those connections in your A2 chemistry exam

- Analyse and evaluate chemistry ideas and concepts

- Appropriately use the right technical language

- Apply your knowledge to unfamiliar situations

- Assess the validity of scientific information

What exam knowledge does it teach ?

This A2 chemistry revision course begins with a discussion between the tutor and students to determine what needs covering. We’ll also give you specific advice in key areas to help with your A2 chemistry exam:

- Working through past papers, with essential guidance and feedback

- Exploring the key principles of chemistry

- Acting out events (for the more practical students!)

- Visualising key concepts

How to get more information and book :

Because we tailor each course to fit the needs of the students on that course, there is no standard lesson plan. The information on this page is a guide only.

If you're ready to book an A2 Chemistry revision course, call us now on 0161 790 2635. We'll be happy to discuss the options and find a course that fits your requirements.