AS English Literature  

AS English Literature

AS level Literature

The first year A-level Literature is all about the in depth study of works of literature - primarily novels, plays, and poetry. Students will be expected to engage with contextual issues from the texts' time of composition - so the French Revolution in the poems of Wordsworth, or the state of the Monarchy in Shakespearean England for example - and are expected to think critically and analytically about their reading.

The specification is suitable for a wide range of students and abilities and it offers teachers and students a great deal of choice. The assessment has a 40% coursework weighting.

Required Individual Study

On top of what your teachers set you, you will also be expected to utilise your free time to further your own studies. This could be by reading secondary material on the society that Oscar Wilde lived in, for example, or more academic texts that discuss and analyse a particular writer's style, such as a book that analyses Larkin's use of simile, metaphor and enjambement in The Whitsun Weddings. You may also wish to read around, either for personal pleasure, expanding your knowledge and, hopefully, vocabulary, or by reading texts relevant to your study - so if you're studying the Regeneration series by Pat Barker you may wish to read other WWII novels.

Sessions at our centre or private sessions can be organized with one of our experienced A-level English Literature tutor who would provide the needed guidance.

Candidates are also able to book and write the exams at our Manchester Exam Centre. Bookings can be made through