GCSE Maths

Teaching experience:

Rochdale Sixth Form College 

Abraham Moss High School 

Walkden High School 

The Tutor Trust - 

Degree : Bsc, PGCE

University:  Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU)

Personal Description: I am a PGCE (QTS) qualified tutor. I am an approachable, caring and understanding tutor with the keen interest of helping people to achieve. I hаve аn excellent аbility tо breаk dоwn difficult tоpics tо mаke them eаsier tо understаnd. I hаve been able to achieve high grades with students who are struggling with examination techniques.

I do not just make students learn facts but to make them understand the concepts so that they can solve examination questions without memorizing. I have worked with students at different levels of capacities and abilities giving me the needed insight on how best to adapt my tutoring and exam preparation based on my student's needs.