GCSE English  


Our English GCSE revision course helps you understand and improve your English language skills, so you get the best results in your GCSE English language exam.

GCSE English: Revision Course

During our 1 day English revision course you will take part in a range of activities, which will range from tutor-led activities to student-led work.

Our tutors continuously check that students are concentrating, have understood and are ready to move on. In general, most students are happy to revisit areas to reinforce their understanding – although if there are large differences in the level of understanding in a group then alternative activities can always be negotiated.

A typical GCSE English Revision Session:

- Seven-Hour duration

- List of activities and topics on the board.

- Discussion about preferred learning styles – e.g. groups, pairs or individuals

- Topics divided to fit the time available

If the whole group is with the same exam board then the group is likely to follow a single past paper. If not, students may split into smaller groups or work individually.

Because we tailor each course to fit the needs of the students on that course, there is no 'standard' lesson plan. The information on this page is intended as a guide only.

If you’re ready to book a GCSE English revision course, call us now on 0161 790 2635. We’ll be happy to discuss the options and find a course that fits your requirements.